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The Fairly OddParents - Wikipedia

He is the Anti-Fairy counterpart of Cosmo Cosma. Like all Anti-Fairies, Anti-Cosmo has the opposite personality of Cosmo, being very smart unlike his opposite. He is the husband of Anti-Wanda and the father of Foop. Since all Anti-Fairies are the exact opposites of Fairies, Anti-Cosmo is the exact alternative to all character traits that Cosmo possesses. While the Fairy Cosmo who is incredibly stupid, but kind, good and helpful, Anti-Cosmo is an evil genius and criminal mastermind who is very ruthless when it comes to achieving what he wants, such as his ambition to rule the Fairy World and people from Earth as well as causing the greatest amount of bad luck and misfortunes among humans. Other Anti-Fairies have the same goals, and Anti-Cosmo himself dictates what to do because he is their leader.

The Fairly OddParents

Jorgen Von Strangle is the strongest fairy who exists in Fairy World, and is the boss of all fairies and a recurring character in The Fairly OddParents. He is the husband of Tooth Fairy. As the authoritative leader of Fairy World, Jorgen enforces Da Rules a magical rule book dictating what fairies are and aren't allowed to do with their magic and arranges who Fairy Godparents are assigned to. Although usually well-intentioned, Jorgen tends to be extremely overbearing and usually cruel to others, such as Binky, Cosmo, Wanda, the Anti-Fairies and the Pixies although the latter two are evil and Jorgen going against them is in favor of the protagonists.
Elmer Hartman is the Griffin Family 's doctor, despite displaying a high level of incompetence in most episodes. He has a nephew and a cousin named Marshall. Hartman, Carter Pewterschmidt , and Seamus' voices are nearly identical, which has been mentioned several times on the DVD audio commentaries.

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