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In Gay Berlin , Robert Beachy describes the rise of a gay subculture in the s and '30s, how it contributed to our understanding of gay identity and how it was eradicated by the Nazis. More specifically, it's about gay Berlin, the gay subculture that flourished in Berlin in the era between World War I and the rise of the Nazis, when there were nightclubs and cabarets that catered to a gay clientele, gay-themed theater and films and gay-oriented publications that were sold at kiosks. Gay prostitution flourished too, so did black male. This relatively open gay culture attracted English writers and artists, including Christopher Isherwood, whose stories were adapted into the musical "Cabaret. Beachy is now writing a follow-up book about homosexuality in Nazi Germany.

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'To A More Perfect Union: U.S. V. Windsor' Details Landmark Same-Sex Marriage Decision - 27 East

In , as the Duke of Windsor's health continued to worsen, he and the Duchess of Windsor—the woman formerly known as Wallis Simpson , for whom he'd abdicated the throne —were living in their opulent Parisian manse, at the edge of the Bois de Boulogne. Baltimore-born Juliana Chatard Alexander served as his night nurse at the end, and shared her experiences with the Baltimore Sun. A few minutes later, the valet came back with the same salver holding one cigarette. Alexander remembers him taking a liking to her for treating him as a "golden lamb," and for calling him "Duke," like John Wayne. According to her, the Duke's relationship with his wife was distant. I was there from 7 pm to 7 am for about three weeks, and during that time, she didn't come in and eat with her husband.

‘To A More Perfect Union: U.S. V. Windsor’ Details Landmark Same-Sex Marriage Decision

New York State possesses a long history of presence of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people residing in, and often being convicted in, the state. Sexual relations between persons of the same gender variously described as "sodomy", "buggery" or "sins of carnal nature" was illegal for most of the history of New York from its days as a Dutch colony through its colonization and independence from British rule as a state in the Union, until such relations were legalized by judicial action in Various organizations were established for LGBT people to advocate for rights and provide human services, the impact of which was increasingly felt at state level. Windsor to strike down key federal prohibitions against the recognition of lawful same-sex marriages throughout the United States. Additional commemorative arts, cultural, and educational programing to mark the 50th anniversary of the rebellion at the Stonewall Inn will be taking place throughout the city and the world ; it is believed that will be the largest international LGBT pride celebration held in history.
Beginning before Stonewall and continuing in the 50 years since, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people have regularly turned to the courts for protection against mistreatment or to overturn laws that targeted them. From H. Olesen — United States Supreme Court.

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